Till its last breath…..

You left me like an old book,
lifeless and used.
not a word left unread.
your curiosity cured.
You did nt even glance aback.
You left me to ruin.
my pages no longer lured you
nor did my words

you found another one ,
another new book
with all its mysteries intact
waiting for you to discover it.
I saw the same curiosity welling up in you.
i felt a surge of sympathy towards it.
i know you ll forget it

like all others before
You ll come back to me as u always do.
and i ll wait
like any good old book
for you to reread  me again.
but one day this old book will lose its pages and die
just like its love towards you.
the paper may not last
but the ink smears in it will remain
till its last breath……


Dreamcatcher’s notes

When thoughts accumulate  over time,they suffocate and thrives to break free. I ve decided to vent it out let it breathe in paper and ink. When  penned down, the once random thoughts and dreams becomes verses and proses.
This blog is the result of  tons of over thinking and brooding.
It may not be  grand or massive but its a start and its strangely liberating….